Southern Italy is a little loud but full of love, much like our Arrabbiata sauce. Slowly simmered with fresh chilies and sweet San Marzano tomatoes, Arrabbiata has just the right kick to bring smiles to the table (no tears here!).

Named for the way it makes faces turn red, Arrabbiata sauce is just as much a part of Italian culture as the Vesuvian land where our tomatoes are grown. Made with just 5 ingredients—the same recipe passed down for generations—each jar of Arrabbiata holds a little adventure and a lot of love.    

  • Peeledeeled Tomatoes
  • Extra Virgin Oilve Oil
  •  Fresh Onions
  •  Sea Salt
  •  Fresh Sliced Garlic
  •  Fresh Basil
  •  Crushed Red Pepper
  •  Black Pepper
  •  Oregano

How we do it

Even Waste becames value.

We don't waste and we don't throw away anything.

Not a drop of water. Not a withered tomato. Not a ray of sunshine.

Our waste becomes feed for the cows that produce milk.

Our photovoltaic system contributes to creating energy to send entire areas of our company forward into the future.

The land.

Our company is located in San Marzano at the foot of Mount Vesuvius. Our land is famous for its history and tradition, but any Italian will tell you it's also home to Italy's most flavorful tomatoes. 

We grow our tomatoes from July to October each year, always under the Italian sun and watered with pure mountain rainfall. We strictly observe the traditional Italian harvest period to maintain our products’ freshness, the integrity of our traditions, and the health of our greatest gift: the San Marzano land.

The volcanic soil is some of the most nutrient-rich in the world, and Italy’s best chefs source their tomatoes from our fertile valley.


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